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The Gap – A Genuine Need

India accounts for 1% of global IVD market which is currently more than $ 60 billion and its share is expected to double by 2020 with an estimated 5 year CAGR of 15% to 20%. In India, Clinical Chemistry has the highest share of 20%-25%. Reagents dominate the revenue in this market as equipments are being leased or rented in most cases. Immunochemistry is the second largest segment in Indian IVD market with 22% share. Reagents account for 90% of the market. Hematology is the third largest segment (18%-20%) in Indian IVD market where reagents account for 62% of the revenue. The remaining market share is occupied by segments such as Microbiology, Urinalysis, Coagulation and Molecular Diagnostics.

In India, the manufacturing of Clinical Chemistry reagents started long back in 1980s, yet currently there are only a handful of manufacturers in the country. To add to it, the science of designing biochemical formulations is restricted to only a few. It is not surprising to say that even after such a long time, there is shortage of “Original Manufacturers” in the country.

What makes us special ?

Anamol is the original manufacturer. We make our own biochemical formulations to help diagnosis of various diseases since 36 years. Our core strength lies in understanding Chemistry and Biochemistry subjects and also understand the benefits of accurate reporting resulting from best quality reagents.

The first step for manufacturing a world class reagent is the attitude of the manufacturer. Our philosophy is to keep our end user in mind while we design and manufacture our formulations. We are very sensitive towards confident reporting by our customers due to good reagent systems. We invest a considerable amount of time and efforts in Research and Development area where we focus not only in development of our products but also our people and their skill-sets. All our formulations have high conformation to international standards which are acceptable across the globe. Our non-compromisable stringency in selection and optimization of Raw Materials, Packaging Materials and Manufacturing Areas help us build confidence in our products that translates into confidence to our users. QA and QC SOPs add further to consistency in our confidence.

Our Track Record

The promoters of Anamol Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. have a vast experience of manufacturing indigenous reagents for 36 years. We have established ourselves as one of the most technically knowledgeable expert in the field of manufacturing biochemical formulations. Since 10 years, we have expanded our manufacturing expertise in the fields of Immunology products such as ELISA / CLIA kits, Rapid Immunoassay Test Kits, Dyes / Stains for Microscopy, etc.

Over the years, Anamol Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as the most reliable manufacturing partner for multiple brands in India. Currently, close to dozen brands rely for their product on us. The OEM partners of Anamol Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. have exported the product to multiple countries across the world. In short, Anamol Laboratories has shown successful track record of making and supplying quality reagents that are accepted in India and other countries.