Intended Use:

Study of morphology of squamous epithelial cell


Papanicolau Stains are used in conjunction with Hematoxylin nuclear stains in the diagnosis of malignant cytological disease. EA-36 and EA-50 are used in conjunction with OG-6 for gynecological staining. EA-65 is used with OG-6 for non-gynecological staining. When performed properly, the stained specimen should display hues from the entire spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The chromatin patterns are well visible, the cells from borderline lesions are easier to interpret and the photomicrographs are better. The staining results in very transparent cells, so even thicker specimens with overlapping cells can be interpreted.



Physical Appearance Hematoxylin clear wine red coloured liquid without any particles.
OG-6 clear orange color liquid without any particles.
Kit components Reagent bottles.
Kit insert
Pack Size 250 SMEARS
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Dispatch time in weeks 2 to 4 weeks
Kit dimensions 250 SMEARS- 125x140x125 mm
Signs of Deterioration 1. Color change
2. Growth
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum