Intended Use:

Test for quantitative determination of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) by using Latex Turbidimetric method.


CRP is an acute-phase protein present in normal serum, which increases significantly after most forms of tissue injuries, bacterial and virus infections, inflammation and malignant neoplasia. During tissue necrosis and inflammation, resulting from microbial infections, the CRP concentration can rise up to 300 mg/L in 12-24 hours.


CRP-Turbilatex is a quantitative turbidimetric test for the measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human serum or plasma. Latex particles coated with specific anti- human CRP antibody are agglutinated when mixed with samples containing CRP. The agglutination causes an absorbance change, dependent upon the CRP contents of the patient sample that can be quantified by comparison from a calibrator of known CRP concentration.


Methodology Immunoturbidimetry
Reaction Type Kinetic
Reaction Direction Increasing
Sample Type Human Serum or Plasma
R1:R2 Mixing Ratio 4:1
Primary Wavelength 540 nm
Secondary Wavelength NA
Blank Settings Distilled Water
Blank Absorbance Limit <0.300
Reagent Volume Required Per Test 1000 µl
Sample Volume Required Per Test 5 µL
Delay Time 10 seconds
Calibrator Available in the Kit Yes
Factor NA
Linearity 150 mg/dL
Automation Enabled
Pack Sizes 1×50 ml
Kit components Reagent bottles – R1 and R2.
1 Calibrator vial.
Instructions for Use.
Storage Temperature 2- 80C
Shelf life 24 months
Kit dimensions 1×50 ml – 85x105x45 mm
Approx. weight of kit 1×50 ml – 130 gms
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum