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Intended Use:

Staining for Blood cells and Hemoparasites.


Blood smears are prepared and fixed (using the Fixative). The cellular components when stained turn blue (basophilic) or orange granules (acidophilic). The color intensity can be varied by adjusting the staining time.

Leishman's Stain With Buffer Test Procedure


Physical Appearance Leishman’s stain clear ink blue coloured liquid without any particles.
Leishman’s buffer clear colourless liquid without any particles.
Kit components Reagent bottles.
Kit insert
Pack Size 2 x 50 ml
4 x 50 ml
4 x 250 ml
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Dispatch time in weeks 2 to 4 weeks
Kit dimensions 2 x 50ml – 85x105x45 mm
4 x 50ml – 170x105x45 mm
4 x 250ml – 125x140X 125mm
Signs of Deterioration 1. Color change
2. Growth
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum