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Intended Use:

Test for detection of various Flu A+B serotypes in human nasopharyngeal secretions.


Influenza A/B Antigen is a chromatographic immunoassay kit for rapid, qualitative, and differential determination of influenza virus type A and type B (not type C) infection from nasal or throat swab specimens. Antigens of influenza virus type A and type B in the specimens are allowed to react with the anti-influenza A and anti-influenza B monoclonal antibody-coupled gold conjugate followed by reaction with anti-influenza A or anti-influenza B monoclonal antibodies immobilized in the test lines. When the sample contains influenza virus A&B, a visible line appears in the test region on the membrane. Influenza A/B Antigen is also very useful to directly and differentially detect influenza virus (A/B) from nasal swab with a high accuracy.

Influenza A+B Card

Pack Sizes 25 Test.
50 Test
Kit components Test Device
Assay Buffer
Sample Tube
Instructions for Use
Test Procedure Qualitative only
Sample Type Nasopharyngeal swabs or Liquid nasopharyngeal aspirates
Kit dimensions 25 test – 75x150x110 mm.
50 test – 75x275x135 mm
Approx. weight of kit 25 test – 150 gms.
50 test – 300 gms
Storage Temperature Room Temperature (2-30 0C)
Shelf life 24 months
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum