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Intended Use:

Test for determination of RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagins) in human serum by Slide Test method.


Reagins are a group of antibodies against some components of the damage tissues from patients infected by Treponema pallidum, the agent which causes the syphilis. This microorganism produces some damage to the liver and heart, releasing some tissue fragments. Immunological patient system reacts producing reagins, antibodies against these fragments.

RPR Carbon Antigen Test Procedure

Method Principle:

The RPR Syphilis screening test is a macroscopic non-treponemal flocculation card test for detection and to quantify reagin, an antibody like substrate present in serum or plasma and spinal fluid from syphilitic persons.

Kit Components

1 bottle Carbon antigen reagent.
1 bottle Positive Control.
1bottle Negative Control
Mixing sticks.
Sample Dopper.
Instructions for Use.


Procedure Qualitative (Slide method) and Quantitative (Slide method – Serial Dilution)
Procedur Time Qualitative- 8 mins.
Quantitative- 8 mins
Sample Type Serum and Plasma
Sensitivity Upto 1:256 dilution in quantitative test method
Pack Sizes 25 TEST
100 TEST
Storage Temperature 2- 80C
Shelf life 18 months
Kit dimensions 25 test – 85x105x145 mm
50 test – 85x105x145 mm
100 test – 85x105x145 mm
Approx. weight of kit 25 test – 9 kgs
50 test – 11 kgs
100 test – 12 kgs
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum

RPR Carbon Antigen