Intended Use:

Test for qualitative detection of Hemoglobin-S in whole blood using visual check method.


Herrick observed the sickling of erythrocytes from patients with sickle cell anaemia. Since then over 250 structural variants of the haemoglobin molecule have been describe. Itano reported poor solubility of deoxyhaemoglobin-S in concentrate phosphate buffer. Several modifications of the original procedure have been reported.

Sickle Cell Test Procedure


  • Screening test for sickle cell anemia
  • Double Reagents with Long Shelf Life
  • Easy Interpretation
  • Fast Result


Methodology Visual Check
Sample Type Human Whole Blood
Number Of Reagents 2 (Dry Powder and Buffer Reagent)
Sample Volume Required Per Test 20 µL
Reagent Volume Required Per Test 2000 µl
R1:R2 Mixing Ratio: NA
Incubation Time 5 min
Pack Sizes 50 Test
Kit components Separate reagent bottles each for R1 (Buffer Colution) and R2 (Dry Powder)
Instructions for Use.
Storage Temperature 2-30 0C
Shelf life 18 months
Kit dimensions 50 Test – 85x105x45 mm
Approx. weight of kit 50 Test – 88 gms
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum