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R.B.C Diluting Fluid Use:

Diluting Fluid for R.B.C.


RBC diluting fluid is isotonic with blood; hence hemolysis does not take place. Normal Saline also can be used. But it causes slight creation of red blood cells and allows rouleaux formation. The blood specimen is diluted 1:200 with the RBC diluting fluid and cells are counted under high power (40 x objective) by using a counting chamber. The number of cells in undiluted blood are calculated and reported as the number of Red cells per cu mm (MI) of whole blood.

R.B.C. Diluting Fluid

Pack Sizes 1 x 100ml
1 x 500 ml
Kit components Reagent bottles
Kit insert.
Physical Appearance: Clear  colourless liquid without any particles.
Kit dimensions 1 X100ml – 48x120x48mm
1 x 500ml – 100x200X 100mm
Approx. weight of kit 1 x 100 ml – 130 gms
1 x 500ml – 620 gms
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Shelf life 60 months
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum