Intended Use:

Diluting Fluid for W.B.C.


Glacial acetic acid lyses the red cells. Gentian violet slightly stains the nuclei of the leucocytes. The blood specimen is diluted 1:20 in a WBC pipette with the diluting fluid and the cells are counted under low power of the microscope by using a counting chamber. The number of cells in undiluted blood is reported per cu.mm (µl) of whole blood.

Turk Solution

Pack Sizes 1 x 100ml
1 x 500 ml
Kit components Reagent bottles
Kit insert.
Physical Appearance: Clear  purple colour liquid without any particles.
Kit dimensions 1 X100ml – 48x120x48mm
1 x 500ml – 100x200X 100mm
Approx. weight of kit 1 x 100 ml – 130 gms
1 x 500ml – 620 gms
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Shelf life 60 months
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum