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Intended Use:

Test for differential staining of cells for detection of parasites by Giemsa stain.


Smears are fixed using the Giemsa Fixative. Slides are immersed in Giemsa Reagent to differentially stain specific cellular components. The cellular components stain either basophilic (blue) or eosinophilic (orange granules). The color intensity can be varied by adjusting the staining time.

Giemsa Ready To Use Test Procedure

Pack Sizes 1 x 100ml
1 x 500 ml
Kit components Reagent bottles.
Kit insert
Physical Appearance Giemsa stain clear purple coloured liquid without any particles
Storage Temperature RT
Kit dimensions 1 X100ml – 48x120x48mm.
1 x 500ml – 100x200X 100mm
Approx. weight of kit 1 x 100 ml – 130 gms.
1 x 500ml – 620 gms.
Dispatch time in weeks 2 to 4 weeks
Shelf life 60 months
Production Capacity 50 mn ml per annum