Intended Use:

Staining Solution For Microbes


This differential staining technique is useful for identification of the tubercle bacillus, other Mycobacteria and Nocardia, which depends on the chemical composition of the bacterial cell wall. Because of the difficulty in staining these organisms with ordinary dyes, basic dyes in the presence of controlled amounts of acid are used. Generally, heat must be applied during the staining procedure, or wetting agents must be used, to aid dye penetration. Organisms exhibiting the property of acid-fastness, once stained, are not easily decolourized by alcohol.

Carbol Fuschin


Physical Appearance Carbol Fuschin stain – Clear wine-red coloured liquid without any particles.
Kit components Reagent bottles.
Kit insert
Pack Size 1 x 100ml
1 x 500 ml
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Signs of Deterioration 1. Colour change
2. Bacterial Growth
Kit dimensions 1 X100ml – 48x120x48mm
1 x 500ml – 100x200X 100mm
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum