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Intended Use:

Test for qualitative determination of human anti-IgG and anti-C3 on red blood cells.


When used by the recommended techniques, the reagents will react with immunoglobulins and/or complement attached to the red cell surface, resulting in agglutination (clumping) of adjacent sensitized cells. Cells not sensitized will not be agglutinated.

AHG (Coomb's Sera)


Anti-Human Globulin Elite Green reagents contain anti-IgG derived from rabbits with nonspecific activity removed by absorption and mouse monoclonal IgM anti-C3d, Clone BRIC-8. The antibodies are diluted in a buffered solution containing bovine albumin. Each reagent is supplied at optimal dilution, for use with all the recommended techniques stated below without need for further dilution or addition.

Kit Components

Reagent bottles.
Instructions for Use.


Procedure Direct Antiglobulin Technique (DAT).
NISS Indirect Antiglobulin Technique (NISS IAT).
LISS Indirect Agglutination Technique (LISS IAT).
Sample Type EDTA whole blood
Pack Sizes 1×10 ml without controls.
10×10 ml without controls
Storage Temperature 2- 80C
Shelf life 24 months
Kit dimensions 1×10 ml – 85x25x25 mm.
10×10 ml – 160x210x40 mm.
Approx. weight of kit 1×10 ml – 40 gms.
10×10 ml – 280 gms.
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum