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Intended Use:

Quantitative determination of Haemoglobin in whole blood using Cyanmethemoglobin method.


  • Single Reagent System
  • Liquid Stable Reagent With Long Shelf Life
  • Fast Result
  • High Linearity

Hemoglobin reagent

Methodology Cyanmethemoglobin
Sample Type Human Whole Blood
Reaction Type End Point
Primary Wavelength 540 nm
Pack Sizes 1 x 1000ml
1 x 5000ml
Kit components Reagent bottles
Kit insert.
Physical Appearance: Clear colourless liquid without any particles.
Signs of Deterioration: 1. Colour change
2. Growth
Kit dimensions 1 X1000ml
1 x 5000ml
Approx. weight of kit 1 x 1000 ml – 0.8 kgs
1 x 5000ml – 0.8 kgs
Storage Temperature 2-8 0C.
Shelf life 24 months
Production Capacity 600 mn ml per annum